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About Mary

While unaware that there was a name for what she was doing, Mary Petto has been leveraging the Law of Attraction since she was a teenager.


Many years after she manifested her very first boyfriend, she was introduced to the Law of Vibration at a professional development program sponsored by her employer. It was then that she began her practice of the "fake it till you make it" theory, a popular way to move ahead in one’s career that few understand is based on the Law of Vibration--and it certainly worked for her. Mary became a young executive in the financial services world just as she had always dreamed.


Her marketing career took off, and eventually she manifested a consulting career, creating marketing plans and social media strategies during the early years of Facebook and Twitter for entrepreneurs, authors, doctors, environmental experts, and magazines. She soon found herself surrounded by clients in the transformational leadership and spirituality space, which led to her discovery of the book The Secret


The Secret was eye-opening for Mary, because she recognized immediately what she had been practicing without even realizing it. She got back into proactively harnessing the magic for herself, including manifesting an author from The Secret as a client.


While she was serving more and more spiritual leaders, including John Assaraf and Lisa Garr, host of The Aware Show, with her social media services, she was also helping people in all corners of the world manifest the lives they wanted, spreading awareness of the Law of Attraction and creating personalized practices for tapping into the Universal Source.


As a certified Reiki practitioner, a Belief Clearing practioner, and an alum of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Master Class, Mary's energy now vibrates at a high frequency, and she experiences synchronicities on a daily basis. 


Through her motivational talks and easy-to-grasp tools and advice, Mary has influenced thousands of people with a practical and inspirational approach. Her first book, The Family Guide to the Law of Attraction, released last month.

For consulting inquiries and speaking engagements, email connect@portablevisions.com or complete the contact form