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Working with Mary:

I had the opportunity to have a Law of Attraction session with Mary and it was so amazing. Time flew by and I felt like she really listened and understood what I wanted out of the session. Beforehand I answered a few questions. Those where the basis of the session. After the session I felt filled with energy and super happy. Within two weeks a lot of the session I started to see HUGE shifts in the areas of my life that I wanted things to happen. If you have to opportunity to work with Mary. Just do it! You won’t be disappointed!

- Linda Andersson, Happiness Coach, Linda Maria Andersson Coaching


"Mary led a great informational program for our office in Washington, DC, about the Law of Attraction and how we co-create the environment we work in together with the vibrations we emit. The staff were all buzzing about how they were going to use their newfound knowledge in their personal lives as well as their careers. A+!!!"  

- Elizabeth G., Nonprofit Executive, Washington, DC

A few years ago, some life changes had necessitated the reinvention of myself and I found myself feeling lost and down. I have never been a spiritual person and I was highly skeptical of what I considered to be new age self-help. So, while I have known Mary for 13 years and she has always been a source of strength to me, naturally, I was resistant to her advice to be open to the Law of Attraction and allow myself to be open to possibilities and to accept that I held the power to influence the direction of my own life – be it on a positive or negative path. But I met with Mary formally and she encouraged me to be open to the messages of the Universe and to be mindful of the messages I was sending outward. I decided to follow her advice and guidance, and with her help, it was only two days before I noticed a major change in my attitude and happiness. Within a month I have finally found a meaningful romantic relationship after years of being single. I have more energy and I am advancing in my professional life as well. I have a confidence level I have never had in my life. I cannot say enough positive things about Mary and her overall outlook. I am grateful that she has positively changed my life by sharing her wisdom and spirituality with me.

- Susanne Weinstein, Paralegal 


This morning I had a session with Mary Petto, and I cannot tell you how life altering it was. Not only did she clarify what was happening now, but clarified my past and how I was creating the same outcomes while hoping for different results. She is so insightful and really gave me practical ways to change the thoughts that were holding me back from achieving what I wanted out of life. I laughed, and I cried. I am so inspired and happy about the way I am going to create the rest of my life. Mary, I can't thank you enough for sharing your gifts with me and I am looking forward to having you do a session for my Mom and sister. This will be my gift to them for the New Year.

- Sheri C., Actress