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Your vision board-- 

Portable, dust-free, and dynamic.


A core tenet of the Law of Attraction is that by focusing all of your thoughts and behaviors on a particular goal, dream, or outcome, you'll attract the right set of circumstances to make that dream come true. The tool most used to accomplish this level of focus is a “vision board” (Oprah calls them “dream boards”)—a collage of images, items, and words that you look at daily, without any distraction, so that the images become impressed upon the subconscious, which in turn sends a message out to the universe to magnetically bring you your desired outcome.

The Vision in Progress Box offers a simple solution for creating vision boards: rather than sitting down with glue and tape to commit all of your dreams and goals at once, images and ideas can be added to the board as they are selected, using special neodymium magnets instead of adhesive—this is particularly beneficial once a goal is achieved and can be enthusiastically removed from the board. BONUS: with the ViP Box, there's no need to commit a place in the home for the finished vision board, and you can do your visualizing wherever you go! The patented ViP Box has a lid to keep the vision board portable and dust free!

Who came up with this?


Mary did.

Mary is a working mom who loves to do good. She speaks to groups about the Law of Attraction, coaches people to leverage the power of the universe to manifest their desires, and, by the way, she raises money for a nonprofit organization and she's good at it. She achieves success by connecting regularly to the laws of the universe, which, to quote Elle Woods, are "simple and finite."

Mary is a Law of Attraction junkie, leveraging the tools of meditation, visualization, and affirmation and showing her clients how to do the same. Frequently she would hear from those who sought her advice on manifestation that they wanted to create a vision board but had some hangups about it. So the patented product was born!


Do you want to talk to Mary about this stuff? Email her at mary@portablevisions.com or reach out to her on Twitter @marypetto.

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