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Power String

Everyone loves the Power String Mary uses in her workshops and presentations to demonstrate that each one of us puts out a powerful vibration - strong enough to move the universe to deliver everything we want to see in the world!

Portable Visions' Power Strings are available for purchase so that you can keep one close. Whenever you forget that you can change your circumstances and manifest your desires, take out your Power String and remember that if you can move objects with your mind, you have the power to do and receive anything you need!

With your grounded intention, watch the effects of the vibrations you put out to the world. 

Spread the word! Buy two and pass the message along to your friend and tell everyone what you can do - 


Post photos and messages and lets get the wave of empowerment rippling around the world!

Watch the demo video

Buy the Power String!​

Each order includes your weighted string (colors vary) as well as your movement guide and instructions.

1 = US$ 10.00

2 = US$ 15.00

Shipping is FREE.

  • Payment is made via Paypal.

  • Please click below and send US$10 for one Power String, $15 for two, and for three or more please send $7.50 for each one. (If you want to order 3 your total is $22.50, 4 is $30, etc.)

  • Add your shipping address to the comments!

  • Product ships within 7 business days.


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