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People Catching on to the Secret


Mary Petto, has been helping people for many years manifest their romantic dreams, business goals, perfect social life, and helping them overcome other seemingly tough challenges just like magic. Based on a spiritual principle commonly known as the “law of attraction,” her process was one that she kept relatively secret, as most people, she assumed, would think she was nuts. Encouraged by those she worked with over the years to go public, Petto hung her shingle out only this past September, and clients have been coming out in droves.


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Vision in Progress Box Gets Patent

A U.S. patent has just been awarded to Mary Petto of Marlboro, NJ, that is poised to cause a happy buzz in the quickly growing demographic of LOAers. To those not part of that tribe, LOAers are those who follow the spiritual movement dedicated to the Law of Attraction, a scientific—if not magical—natural law made popular by the 2006 movie and book titled "The Secret," by Rhonda Byrne.


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