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Speaking Engagements

Transforming audiences into powerful creators

Through her motivational talks and easy-to-grasp tools and advice, Mary has influenced the lives of countless people with a practical and inspirational approach to explain how to use the universal law of vibration, also known as the Law of Attraction, to manifest any outcome. There's no audience that can't benefit from learning about the Law of Attraction and how it applies to one's life, career, and relationships.


“Mary Petto is a beautiful blend of complementary talents. She has an amazing ability to get people to relax and focus on the true essence of their thoughts, and leads them gently but firmly towards a path of action.”  

Deborah Piperno, CEO and Founder, Voom Carpool

Suggested programs:​

Quantum Leap to Abundance and Prosperity

Sales Teams and Entrepreneurs


Manifesting a Better World

Nonprofit teams


Good Vibes and Visualizing Your Best Life

Middle and High School assemblies


Content ideas:

  • Keynote Address - The science behind the Law of Attraction with audience-participation exercises and illustrations.

  • Team workshops -  Deep-dive visualization and manifestation processes and tools.

  • Family and community events - A customized educational presentation for your audience with actionable take-aways.

  • ​School assemblies – Inspirational presentations that teach the importance of putting out "good vibes" and knowing that you've got the power to make good things happen for yourself.


Mary led a great informational program for our office in Washington, DC, about the Law of Attraction and how we co-create the environment we work in together with the vibrations we emit. The staff were all buzzing about how they were going to use their newfound knowledge in their personal lives as well as their careers. A+!!!  

Marcia Ferranto, CEO, WTS International, Washington, DC

Trade Associations · MLM Sales Teams · Nonprofits

School Assemblies · Family programs


Since 2016 Mary has delivered mesmerizing workshops, presentations, and private sessions for individuals and families.


Mary regularly speaks to large groups in public settings, providing her signature message of hope and abundance using the power of the universe and raising the vibrations of all participants and inspiring success in relationships, business and personal well-being.


Mary’s programming is catching on like wildfire—participants seek out her events and bring their associates, friends, and family to hear Mary’s inspiring stories and to internalize the magic of the Law of Attraction.


My experience with Mary has been wonderful. The tools that she provided during our session helped deliver what I wanted to manifest instantly. This presentation is my second time with her and I'm really looking forward to manifest bringing my business and foundation to a higher level.  

Gina Stamatis, CEO, Pure Grace Foundation


Scope of Services

  • Training

  • Workshops

  • Keynotes

  • Expert interviews

  • Coaching

“I'm grateful to Mary; she really shows you that it's possible to do anything that your heart and your mind and your soul wants in life.” 

Jami Chace, HealthyWithJami.com

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