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Your Resource for Harnessing the

Law of Attraction

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You have the ability to harness the universe's field of potentiality to create the situations, relationships, jobs, freedom, or anything else you desire.


Yes, YOU!

The Law of Attraction, based on the law of vibration, empowers you to use your thoughts and intention to manifest just what you are looking for.

Let's make your magic happen...

                   xo, Mary Petto

Book to Speak

Your audience will learn about the Law of Attraction and how it applies to one's life, career, and relationships. School programs, too!

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Law of Attraction Guidance

Wherever you are in the world, we can work by Skype, FaceTime, phone, or in person.

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Book Signings and NJ-area

Events & Workshops

Get ready for a truly immersive creative visualization and vision-board-creation workshop. This is not a typical cut-and-paste vision board party! At this workshop, you will: 

  • Learn the science behind the Law of Attraction.

  • Practice exercises that reveal how powerful your vibration field is---I will show you how to literally move an object with your mind!

  • Experience deep-dive visualization and manifestation processes and tools.

  • and more!

The Vision in Progress Box!



Vision Boards

Power String!


People love the Power String

that Mary uses in her workshops and presentations to demonstrate that each one of us puts out a powerful vibration - strong enough to move the universe to deliver everything we want to see in the world!

Sonali Shah,

Marketing Manager

Since attending a workshop with Mary, I have the confidence that I have the power to control my world. It was an amazing evening filled with inspiration, clarity, and self-discovery. Mary's knowledge of law of attraction is truly impressive and she explains the science and concepts behind it so clearly that everyone grasped it so easily. I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for enlightenment and positive way of life.

Susanne Weinstein,


Within a month of my session with Mary, I have finally found a meaningful romantic relationship after years of being single. I have more energy and I am advancing in my professional life as well. I have a confidence level I have never had in my life. I cannot say enough positive things about Mary and her overall outlook. I am grateful that she has positively changed my life by sharing her wisdom and spirituality with me.

Sheri Chalnick,

Singer, Actress, Numerologist

I cannot tell you how life altering my session with Mary was. Not only did she clarify what was happening now, but clarified my past and how I was creating the same outcomes while hoping for different results. She is so insightful and really gave me practical ways to change the thoughts that were holding me back from achieving what I wanted out of life. And since then my business is so abundant and the gigs are rolling in! I am so inspired and happy about the way I am going to create the rest of my life. Mary, I can't thank you enough for sharing your gifts with me!


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xo, Mary

Free Gratitude Printable

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What a beautiful way to keep those things you are most grateful for right in plain site!


Enjoy this free printable, complete with instructions, to honor everything you are thankful for and keep your vibe high. 

It's just another FREE GIFT to you for recognizing that you've got the power to harness the universe!